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MBJ Innovations

Mark Blackburn


Meet Mark

Mark  Blackburn is an energetic presenter, a powerful communicator, and a  dynamic teacher. There are many words that describe him. The most  illustrative is, “Mark, The Influential Man of Action”. Mark is a  diversity trainer, an educator, a mentor, a motivational speaker, a Life  coach, and a personal trainer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He provides  an in-depth consultation and instructional based education, including  leadership development, empowerment training, cross-cultural competence,  sensitivity training, anti-racism training and team building.


The Training

As  the Chief Facilitator for MBJ Innovations, he has taken his training to  the ultimate level and provides training for groups and individuals  from a wide range of organizations, ages, and cultures. His hard work  and dedication to improving the human condition is one of the major  contributors that keeps him striving to connect with others. He is truly  passionate in helping others become champions in every aspect of their  lives.


The Early Years

Born  and raised in Los Angeles, CA he attended The University of South  Dakota and graduated with a B.A. in Secondary Education with a Minor in  Health. Mark also played football for the University and had numerous opportunities to advance his playing career in the NFL. Unfortunately, that opportunity was short lived but he continued to pursue his passion for football with coaching and substitute teaching.  However, Blackburn has a winner’s demeanor as he was fortunate to play  professional football and win several championships with the Sioux Falls  Storm of the Indoor Football League.  Mark holds the Storm record in  tackles and is blessed to have his legendary number 14 retired and is in the IFL Hall of Fame.  Mark is a 5-Time IFL All-League selection, a  4-time champion and United Bowl MVP.  He is involved in youth sports, training, coaching and producing leaders for the past several years and  looks forward to impacting much more youth  



After a three year hiatus  from school, he continued his education at Augustana University and  received a Master’s degree in Education. Mark is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Higher Education  Leadership and is finishing up his dissertation.

As Dean of Students at Augustana University, he creates a culture of care for students, their families, faculty, and staff by enhancing the quality of life at Augustana by providing exemplary services that include, Student Health and Counseling, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 

Title IX, Policy oversight, Student Conduct, Violence against women prevention, Student, or family emergencies, Campus Climate, and connecting students to university resources. 

He provides oversight, support, and advises students in the areas of accountability, leadership, personal development, diversity, education, and advocacy. He develops policy initiatives, inclusive climates, and culturally focused programs that help build student, faculty, and staff awareness and respect for cultural and individual differences and well-being.  




He is blessed to have a beautiful wife Nicole and their two beautiful children, Jadaya and Isaiah.      

In all of these disciplines he possesses, Mark would love to share his of  knowledge and help you become a champion in different areas of your life. 


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