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MBJ Innovations


"MBJ Innovations was the perfect choice for  our organization. There presentation was exactly what we were looking for. We would love to have them here again."

~ Nate Johnke, Human Relations Rep
Citi Bank. Sioux Falls, SD

 "Mark Blackburn was phenomenal! He  absolutely brought the house down with his speech. our employees were  very engaged and focused." 

~ Dr. Robin Duncan, President & CEO
The R.D. Duncan Institute. Sioux Falls, SD

"As soon as I sat down, I was captivated by  the energy they had about the topic at hand. Their enthusiasm and  audience engagement was really a blessing. We can't wait until next  year. You'll want MBJ to consult your organization".

~Bishop Jerry Sowah, President

KANOL. Accra, Ghana  

 "Mark Blackburn is the best! He absolutely touched on the topics that my staff needed to hear."

~ Chrisity Nicolaisen , Executive Director
The Multi-Cultural Center. Sioux Falls, SD 

 "Mark presented to a group of fifty at risk  youth at our local Disproportionate Minority Contact Conference. I have  never seen a room so focused on the presenter! He found captivating  ways to motivate the youth to reach their potential.

Mark  has a great story and delivers it with exuberance.  He knows how to  keep an audience engaged while simultaneously delivering powerful  messages". 

~ Annie Brokenleg, DMC Coordinator
  LSS Counseling Services  Sioux Falls, SD

"Mark  not only grabbed their attention, but also he grabbed my attention as  well. He is a fantastic facilitator with the skills and message to reach any audience. 

His ability to form quick relationships and connect at a deep level make him a great motivational speaker, but an  even better facilitator for a student group or staff workshop.

I would strongly encourage you to work with Mr. Blackburn to find out the ways in which he might also be able to work with your student body or staff."

~ Rachel Black, Director Joe Foss and Presidents Academy Sioux Falls, SD

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